SEC: Explain why you ditched a crucial rule and put it back in place!

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SEC: Explain why you ditched a crucial rule and put it back in place!


The SEC just announced a crucial rule governing corporate political spending “slipped off” their list of priorities. When the SEC is primarily tasked with protecting shareholders, how could this happen? We deserve an explanation from the SEC — and we want disclosure back on the agenda.

Will you add your name to demand accountability from the SEC and to call on them to put the rule back on their agenda? 

Political spending by corporations reached new heights in the 2012 elections – totaling almost $4 BILLION dollars! And shareholders remained in the dark as to what their investment was being spent on. A former CEO at AT&T recently wrote that, “In business, accountability is always better than masking political spending and activity.” Help us demand answers from the SEC and call on them to add the rule they abandoned back on their list of priorities! 

Even the Supreme Court in Citizens United recognized that shareholders have a role in monitoring corporate spending and that disclosure helps them hold corporations accountable. All of this is IMPOSSIBLE without proper disclosure! Abandoning this rule sends an awful message that the SEC is more concerned with standing up for corporations and against the people they are supposed to protect.

Please add your name demanding that the SEC explain why they ditched this crucial rule and call on them to tack disclosure back on their agenda!

PETITION TO SEC: We demand that you explain why this rule “slipped off” of your agenda and call on you to add it back to your 2014 list of priorities!